John Wright is a self-taught photographer who has carved out a highly successful career in photography over the last 20 years. He has worked in both commercial and editorial photography for a wide variety of clients and has undertaken commissions for fashion labels Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Elie Saab amongst others. His editorial work has appeared in magazine titles including Vanity Fair, GQ, Q and Tatler.

In recent years, the focus has been on his own personal, fine art, photographic work which has been widely displayed in galleries across Europe, including at The Palais De Tokyo in Paris. His work is held in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery in London.

Above are a selection of images from two of John’s most recent series..

Clouded Judgements:
We are all susceptible to being consumed by our emotions. Too often in these modern times those emotions manifest as feelings of despair, despondency, anxiety or depression. Zen teaching likens the very movement of our thoughts and emotions to the passage of clouds across a clear sky. I seek to depict such an allegorical concept literally in the hope that the viewer will at once be reminded how dreams and doubts can overcome us all and ‘cloud’ our experience of conscious presence.

Locked Away:
Don’t we all have memories locked away, unvisited and hidden in the recesses of our mind? Poorly remembered disappointments that still stab as they tug at the edges of our conscious awareness? These images represent those memories, faded, hazy and neglected. Like that box of old family photos, scratched and abandoned yet ‘still around somewhere’. I hope the viewer will see that despite the images depiction of a once ‘painful’ event, they are actually a benign entity. Snapshots of a time passed that, like those locked away memories, that once studied, cannot harm us.