Once the poor relation to fine art, photography is fast becoming the 21st century’s most collectable art form. As the interiors of people’s homes change, and modern tastes develop, photography is finding a place on the walls of homes around the country, in many instances replacing traditional paintings.

The market for photography is still young and under-developed outside of the top end of the spectrum (contemporary photographers like Andreas Gursky and the classic vintage photographs of Kertesz and Cartier Bresson), and in comparison with the market in the US, Germany or France, but is growing and currently provides an affordable platform for people looking to buy, not only a beautiful piece of work, but also an investment.

Crane Kalman Brighton has been established to provide an affordable introduction for anyone interested to buy, and possibly, collect photography. Crane Kalman Brighton will sell a wide range of work from the best young local talent to some of contemporary photography’s leading lights.

selection of images

Crane Kalman Brighton is affiliated to the Crane Kalman Gallery in London. The Crane Kalman Gallery has been one of the leading galleries exhibiting the work of modern British painters such as Graham Sutherland, Ben Nicholson and Henry Moore for more than 45 years.