Following on from the success of previous showcases of some of the best BA photography graduates, Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to return with Cream 2016, an exhibition featuring a new selection of the most interesting and diverse photographic talents to emerge from 2016. The exhibition includes graduates from the most prestigious universities and colleges the length and breadth of the country from Westminster to Belfast; London to Cornwall.

Conor Elliott

(University of South Wales) – Elliot’s elaborate still lives play with the well-established genre and prompt viewers to question their preconceived ideas and perception of art.

Dovydas Arlauskas

(University Of East London) – Arlauskas brings minimalist cubic lights into a rough and untouched natural environment. Cromophoebia’s artificial and minimalist cubes open a gateway into a future time, when the synthetic glow of man-kind reaches previously unspoiled areas.

Nigel Maynard

(Falmouth University) – In ‘34 Photographs’, Maynard demonstrates his chosen photographic pathway, one that has escaped from the real world, producing images that have turned towards varying degrees of abstraction, journeys into form. The images are inspired by rich hues, shapes, lines, the play and variation of light and, also notions of balance.

Karlis Bergs

(University of Brighton) – As a sports spectator you breathe together with everybody and you become a part of something bigger than just yourself. The teams represent your potential, and as you identify with them, their victories become your victories, and so do their failures.

Danielle Allen

(University of the West of England) – Deep in the narrow Vestfjord valley in Norway, surrounded by steep mountains and at the foot of the mighty Gaustatoppen peak, lies the sleepy town of Rjukan. 3400 inhibitants live in this peculiar, isolated town.

Samuel Kaye

(Falmouth University) – Medication reflects on our addiction to prescription of drugs. The artist himself relies heavily on medication to lessen the symptoms of a chronic pain condition. The striking portraits are the result of a chemical reaction between the photographic paper and medicine.

Samuel Comber

(Norwich University of the Arts) – Comber’s unique view of the environment focuses on landscape and perspective. His experimental approach adds a narrative and refreshing quality to his pictures.

Matthew Broadhead

(University of Brighton) – In 1965 and 1967 NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey organised field trips to Iceland for American astronauts to learn geology in locations with assumed past or present geological, environmental or biological conditions similar to those on the Moon or Mars, provided astronauts with the means to apply their practical knowledge of geology to validate their findings on the moon.

Mary Hamill

(Ulster University Belfast) – Semper Augustus explores the stigmatisation attached to menstruation and women’s bodies. Deceptively disguising used tampons as the most exquisite tulip type, Semper Augustus, Hamill takes the viewer by surprise and turns a supposedly foul subject matter into a subtle and aesthetic image.

Wai Lap Mok

(Middlesex University) – TTravelling across ten cities in Asia, Light Up is an autobiographical project, in which Mok explores how photography can document not only the subject but also the qualities and shadows that are hiding in the photographer’s subconscious, capturing moments that reflect her own spontaneous insight.

Daniel Lickley

(University of East London) – Apply Cold Water portrays the tradition of swimming in open water, a pure and exhilarating experience that instils a great sense of freedom to those who seek out its cold rush. Lickley captures the genuine and unique character of the swimmers.

Matt Glover

(Ulster University Belfast) – Glover’s sensitive and raw documentary photographs explore the space between maturity and immaturity, portraying the life of a group of teenagers living in the UK today.

Karim Skalli

(Norwich University of The Arts) – Karim turns the subject matter of the mundane into an intimate exploration of his identity, defined by his relationship with spaces, objects and people that surround him.

Zev Rogan

(Blackpool and Fylde University) – Beyond Imagination combines CGI and photography, giving the viewer opportunity to visit the enchanting landscapes he may not be able to see physically.

Cari Addy

(UAL Camberwell College of Arts) – Social Life Support is fictional dystopia, depicting the effect that capitalism, consumerism and our accelerated life-style has on our social life and our dependency on technology.

Carole Suety

Originally from Paris, Carole Suety is a London based photographer who graduated with a BA in Photographic Art at the University of Westminster in June 2009.

Her work has exhibited at exhibitions and art fairs in the UK and overseas, including Sotheby’s Kiddell Gallery ‘Small Show, Huge Talent’ and Salon 09. Carole has also had a solo show at the No:ID Gallery in London in November 2009.

Elliott Wilcox

Elliott Wilcox is a British photographer who graduated from the University of Wales, Newport, with a BA Honours in Photographic Art. Elliott’s graduation work ‘Courts’ was the Winner of the Judges Award in the Nikon Discovery Awards 2008, as well as a New York Photo Award (2009) and the prestigious Lucie Discovery of the Year Award at the International Photography Awards. His photographs have been featured in several publications, including the New York Photo Awards Annual (2009), the Magenta Foundation’s publication ‘Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers 2009’ and FOAM magazine’s Talent issue 2010.

Elliott has exhibited both in the UK and internationally, including several Graduate showcases in 2008 and participating in Singapore’s first International Photography Festival. Elliot was also a part of the BBC documentary ‘School of Saatchi’, his work beating thousands of applicants to qualify for the last 10 artists involved in the show and being the only photographic artist to make it through to the final stages.

Elliot is currently exhibiting across the UK whilst continuing his education with an MA in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster, London.

Jayne Taylor

Since graduating from the University of Westminster in 2009, Jayne has been shortlisted for the Grafiche Antiga Photography Awards and the Vauxhall Collective Award 2009. She has also exhibited in Brighton, London and Italy, including a stereoscopic solo show of ‘Interiors’ at No:ID Gallery, London. In addition to this, her work has been featured in the Italian publications, Transform and Flair Italy, and also Wallpaper*.

Katinka Goldberg

Katinka Goldberg, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway, having graduated with a BA Hons Photography Degree from Edinburgh College of Art in 2008. For the past eight years she has been studying, exhibiting and taking photographs here in the UK, in her native Scandinavia, and in Japan. In 2007, she was shortlisted for the Photography Festival Voies Off in Arles and shortlisted for Guardian Student Photographer of the year in 2006. Her work has been published in The Independent on Sunday and The British Journal of Photography. Following grants from Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse (2009) and from the Norsk Fotografisk Fond (2010), Goldberg has exhibited in Norway throughout 2010, including exhibiting the project Uncertain Landscapes at the Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Arendal, and Everyone is Me at Gallery BOA, Oslo.

Luke Pajak

Luke Pajak’s passion for photography began at an early age when he bought one of the early digital cameras and a scanner, and since then he has been taking and editing photographs, even whilst working as a web designer. Finally he turned it all in to study, graduating with a First Class BA (Hons) in Photographic Practice from Northampton University, after which he moved to London and established himself as a photo-artist.

Luke’s work, Green Car (part of Mi Casa… series), was short-listed for the Association of Photographers (AOP) Open Award and was included in an exhibition in the AOP Gallery in Shoreditch. The work was also reproduced in the annual awards book and was later featured in Image magazine. In 2009 Luke was short-listed for the Nikon Project Assistance Award and was the ‘Singled Out Documentary Winner’ at the Signature Photography Awards.

Mayte Torres

Mayte Torres is a Spanish photographer, after graduating in Journalism in Spain (2005) with a first Honors in Photography and Digital Imaging (2008) in the UK. Since then she has returned to Spain to carry on with her photographic career. In 2008 she was a finalist on the Nikon Discovery Awards 2008 for the project Presence in Absence, being awarded with a digital SLR prize and also being published in the British Journal of Photography. Ongoing projects consist of: carrying on with Presence in Absence, taking it further and starting to explore locations outside England. Mayte is also currently working as a music photographer throughout Europe.

Shiho Kito

Shiho studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan and graduated from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham in 2009. She won the Prime Minister’s Initiative Fund from British Council in 2008, 2009 to study and work at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. She has exhibited internationally in the UK, Japan, Spain and Mexico – where she had a solo exhibition of her work at the Galeria de Arte Plasticas in 2007. She has most recently exhibited at the Itchy Scratchy at Permanent Gallery in Brighton.

Shiho has worked in galleries and lectured in schools in Tokyo and now works as a Freelance Photographer, working in Japan and England.