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22 July - 30 August 2009

Slim Aarons
Rob Carter
Jeff Divine
Hugh Holland
Karine Laval
Christoph Morlinghaus
Wendy Pye
Morgan Silk


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Slim Aarons

Rob Carter


Slim Aarons: Poolside Gossip, circa 1970 Slim Aarons: Henry Fonda, 1955 Rob Carter: Cala Fuli II, Sardinia Rob Carter: Infinity Pool, Sardinia Rob Carter: Tankah Beach, Mexico Rob Carter: Parking, Las Vegas Rob Carter: Nice, France





Jeff Divine


Rob Carter: Tulip Fields XVI, Holland Rob Carter: Xpu-ha Beach (w/ red boat), Mexico Rob Carter: Hotel du Cap, Cap D'Antibes Jeff Divine: Rabbit, Off the Wall, Pipeline, 1974	Jeff Divine: Saturday, Rocky Point, North Shore, Oahu, 1979 Peace, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Velzyland, 1974


Hugh Holland



Karine Laval

Hugh Holland: Asphalt Angel, Kenter Canyon Elementary, 1976 Hugh Holland: Hanging in Balboa, 1975 Hugh Holland: Jeff's Return, circa 1975 Karine Laval: Untitled #125, Cascais, 2002 Karine Laval: Untitled #123, Coney Island, 2007 Karine Laval: Untitled #78, 2005


Christoph Morlinghaus



Wendy Pye

Christoph Morlinghaus: L.A Pool, 2003 Christoph Morlinghaus: Surfers, 2008 Christoph Morlinghaus: CentreParks, 2008 Christoph Morlinghaus: L.A. Night, 2003 Wendy Pye: 'Edge', 2008 (from the series 'Beachy Head')


Morgan Silk


Morgan Silk: Telecom Italia, 2004 Morgan Silk: The High Chair, 2009 Morgan Silk: Sailing Boats, 2006 Morgan Silk: Waves, 2005


Crane Kalman Brighton presents a Summer exhibition of work on the theme of the colour BLUE. The exhibition features work by some of Crane Kalman's favourite photographers – from the retro cool of Jeff Divine's iconic 1970s surfers and Karine Laval's bleached-out hazy Summer snaps to new work by the highly acclaimed Rob Carter and award-winning photographic colourist Morgan Silk.


The exhibition features a diverse selection of the work of these photographers, and demonstrates the unique way these photographers use light and colour, specifically the colour blue, as an expressive tool to evoke a sense of feeling and atmosphere no matter what the surroundings. BLUE runs from 22nd July to 30th August 2009.


Slim Aarons – the distinguished American photographer whose work over half a century captured the 'beautiful people' – socialites, celebrities and the jet-set – at play. His work has been published in several books and was used extensively for Life Magazine during the 1950s and 60s.


Rob Carter – new work from the beautiful and luminescent series Travelling Still from one half of award-winning husband and wife team Rob and Nick Carter. Travelling Still has now been published as a collection in a limited edition book.


Jeff Divine – his iconic colour-drenched images capture a vibrant and chaotic culture of Hippies, long hair, Mexican Wedding Shirts and bell bottoms that dominated the Californian surfing scene of the 1970s during its most creative era when a new subculture was created.


Hugh Holland – a self-taught artist whose work looked to experiment with photography using special colour films. His subject became the early skateboard scene in California during its 1970s heyday which captured the likes of Jeff Jones, Jay Adams and Stacey Peralta at their best.


Karine Laval – the New York-based French photographer's work captures the vivid intensity and brilliance of colour in high Summer. The work is reminiscent of time-faded holiday snapshots from a bygone era of Kodak instamatics. Her work has been widely exhibited in the US, Europe and South America.


Christoph Morlinghaus – beautiful, large format photographs of the American Landscape – both urban and rural – reflecting the size and scale of the subjects – all captured through the eyes of a European visitor to US shores.


Wendy Pye – a rising star of the contemporary photography scene in the UK. Her current work documents Beachy Head which is known for its quintessential English scenery but is also a well-known location for suicide attempts. The work was recently selected for Fresh-Faced and Wild-Eyed at The Photographer's Gallery, London.


Morgan Silk – an award-winning advertising photographer whose use of colour creates a unique and highly unusual style of work. Morgan has worked for major commercial clients including BNW, Nike and Umbro. His highly acclaimed Zoo project received an Association of Photographers Gold Award last year.


BLUE will run from 22nd July to 30th August 2009 at the Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton, 38 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton. For further information, or a selection of images, please contact 01273 697096 or visit


Crane Kalman Brighton is a member of the Own Art scheme run by the Arts Council. The scheme provides interest-free loans of up to 2,000 to buy contemporary art work.


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