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Denis Doran, Kevin Eason and Andy Hughes

19 March to 27 April 2008


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Denis Doran


Gardening in Japan 1, 2006 Gardening in Japan 2, 2006 Gardening in Japan 3, 2006 Gardening in Japan 4, 2006 Planting Leeks in Japan 1, 2006 Planting Leeks in Japan 2, 2006 Planting Leeks in Japan 3, 2006

Kevin Eason


Four Fragments – featuring 'Rainbow Hunter', 'Erotic Book Store', 'City Newspaper Blossoms from the Minds of the Young' and 'Jazz at The Iceberg Club Featuring Feathers on Brushes', 2007. A Splendid Meeting of Marvellous Minds, 2002 Room for rent in Vanilla Pink Curvature of Thought, 2007 Erotic Book Store, 2007 Complex Theories Were Debated by the 72 Attending Scientists, all of which agreed to disagree, 2007 Jazz at The Iceberg Club Featuring Feathers on Brushes, 2007 White Stripe below Blue Mindspray, 2007
Super Eight Evening Below The City Bridge, 2007 Formation of Chaos at The Arts Club, 2007 Have in Mind as a Probable Though Not Certain Intention, 2007 Divisions of Thought, 2007 Partially Sighted Painter Requires Unfamiliar Life Model, 2007 Lo-Fi Blonde Haired Boy From Berlin, 2007 Intentionally Getting Lost From The Normal, 2002
Intentionally Getting Lost From The Lost, 2002 City Newspaper Blossoms from the Minds of the Young Rainbow Hunter

Andy Hughes


South Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (new year balloon) North Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (brown paper bag) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2004 (bottom of bottle) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2005 (sandy sandwich packet) North Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (McDonalds drink cup) Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, West Cornwall, England, 2003 (white sandwich box) Malibu Lagoon, Malibu, California, 2004 (yellow straw)
Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, West Cornwall, England, 2004 (pink cloth) Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, West Cornwall, England, 2004 (empty sandwich bag) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2005 (sandwich carton) Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, West Cornwall, England, 2003 (red nylon threads) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2005 (blue ball) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2004 (Jiffy bag) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2005 (blue bottle)
Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (red lighter) Baloona Creek, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (white flower) Gwithian Beach, West Cornwall, England, 2005 (white plastic strips) Crow Point, Taw Estuary, North Devon, England, 2000

Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to present an exhibition featuring work by three diverse photographers – Denis Doran, Kevin Eason and Andy Hughes – whose work all focuses on a common theme – found materials. Found will be shown at Crane Kalman Brighton from 19th March to 27th April 2008.


Whether used as subject matter to make comment on our treatment of the environment and consumerist society or as a more personal expression of memory and reminiscences of the past, each photographer has a different interpretation and stylistic take on the found objects that are the central theme of their work.


However different the approach, collectively all the objects photographed are transformed when under the focus of each photographer's lens – a discarded sandwich packet takes on the appearance of a melting iceberg stranded on a beach; a page from a Japanese gardening book reveals the connections in our modern living space; and a wall filled with staples and torn fly posters is transformed into a microcosm of a collective cultural past – all demonstrating photography's ability to turn mundane and ordinary things into objects of fascination and beauty.


Denis Doran exhibits work from the series 'Common Ground', produced over a three-year period, which explores connections, both geographic and autobiographical, in the peopled and productive landscape, in the specific urban environment of the allotment. The works are created through the process of collecting and assembling ephemera – detritus, scraps of images, typographic fragments, and text, which function at the pictorial level as aids to memory, and as echoes of significant locations.


Kevin Eason's work from the series 'Past Events' visually and conceptually concentrate on layers of our cultural history that have collected and gathered over time at site specific locations. A mass of staples, poster edges, typography, colour and graffiti are the layered remains of art exhibitions, gigs, sex ads, music festivals, political postings, guerrilla advertising and urban expression that collectively form a fascinating and visually expansive shared cultural history.


Andy Hughes, a keen surfer and accidental environmentalist, features work from 'Dominant Wave Theory', a 10-year long project which draws attention to the unseen objects, the flotsam and jetsam of our throwaway consumerist society, discarded across his native Cornwall and all over America. But, ironically in his pictures, the beach trash he captures becomes aesthetic objects of beauty in their own right.


Found will be exhibited at Crane Kalman Brighton, 38 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AL from 19th March to 27th April. For further information please contact Crane Kalman Brighton on 01273 697096 or visit


Crane Kalman Brighton has been established to provide an affordable introduction to anyone interested in buying and possibly collecting photography. Crane Kalman sells a wide range of photography from the best local talent to established contemporary names. The gallery is a member of the Arts Council of England's Own Art scheme providing interest-free loans of up to 2000 to buy contemporary artwork.


Artists' Biographical Details


Denis Doran has had a number of solo shows and contributed to many group shows both in the UK and abroad. His exhibition 'The Reading Room' was shown at Impressions Gallery in 2002 and toured to Tom Blau Gallery (London) and Globe Gallery (North Shields). A publication of his work, 'Salvaged,' was produced by Photoworks in early 2005 and he contributed a chapter on his autobiographical practice for 'Temporalities, autobiography and everyday life,' published by Manchester Press in 2002. He is Senior Lecturer in Photography in the School of Arts and Architecture at the University of Brighton.


Kevin Eason was awarded a first class Bachelor or Arts Degree in Photography from the University of Brighton. He has also received an Artistic Achievement Prize from The University of Brighton, The Tom Buckeridge Photography Prize, The Burke Rickards Prize, and The Fuji Film Student Photographer of the Year Prize. Selected works have been exhibited in the UK and abroad and have featured in such publications as The British Journal of Photography, Sidewalk, Pictured, Kilimanjaro and Creative Review.


Andy Hughes studied Fine Art at Cardiff University, and a Photography MA at the Royal College of Art. He has been awarded various commissions and residencies including the Millennium Fund, South West Arts and was the very first artist in residence at Tate St Ives. He has also been awarded numerous prizes and awards which include Short listed Reserve Artist/Art Council Fellowship 2007 to Antarctica, Arts Council – England – 2006, Millennium Commission 2000, St Ives International Festival of Light Project, Southern Arts Major Award, Winner of ELLE Magazine Talent Award and the Winner of Sunday Times Magazine Photography Award.


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