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3 - 16 May 2010


Simon Carruthers
Richard Chivers
Alex Currie
Oliver Perrott

Ben Westoby



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Simon Carruthers



Richard Chivers



Alex Currie



Oliver Perrott



Ben Westoby





Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to present Human Endeavour – an exhibition bringing together a selection of work by five up-and-coming British contemporary landscape photographers all focused on a central theme. Human Endeavour will be exhibited at the Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery from 3rd – 16th May 2010.


In considering the relationship between modern society and the space it occupies, as a collective these images bring together new perspectives of the dialogue that occurs through our evolving relationship within the landscape we inhabit, and how this resonates upon the collective human psyche in wider society.


The individual works shown here aim to offer new understandings of our position within a continually changing landscape. Oliver Perrott’s images of glacial landscapes act as a metaphor for the impact of modern society on the natural environment. These masses of ice slowly melt away to reveal new, unfamiliar textures and shapes; analogous to the changing ways we experience our surroundings, and ourselves.


Ben Westoby is concerned with the expansion and movement of the modern urban landscape, the impact it has on surrounding areas, and the altered sense of place that occurs through this movement. Similarly, Richard Chivers’ survey of the site of an ex-military airbase traces the gradual, shifting topography of the area and the tenacious relationship between the organic and synthetic landscapes, echoing a time of direct action and protest that has shifted to other prevalent political ideals in the 21st century.


Alex Currie’s documentation considers the continuing disappearance of a post-industrial and urban landscape, and the experiential relationship that is lost through the destruction of these spaces, reflecting upon the collective loss this has upon the human condition. By documenting the architecture and infrastructure of the hidden and banal, the possibility arises to meditate upon not just the space that we inhabit, but also the space within ourselves.


Simon Carruthers’ series of images along London’s extensive canal system focuses on areas of recent redevelopment that reflects traces of their decline as a mode of transport for the industrial capital. Flanked with rusting reminders of the industries that they once supported, and their bland contemporary counterparts, London’s canals are rarely alluring in any conventional sense. Redevelopment and decay appear in equal measure along their banks provoking strong feelings of desolation and alienation. Concentrating on a largely neglected and often overlooked aspect of the city, the images create a tension that offers new perspectives on infrastructure in a state of transition.


Human Endeavour will run from 3rd – 16th May 2010 at Crane Kalman Brighton, 38 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AL – For further information or images, please contact Richard Kalman on 01273 697096 or via email at


Crane Kalman Brighton has been established to provide an affordable introduction to anyone interested in buying and possibly collecting photography. Crane Kalman sells a wide range of photography from the best local talent to established contemporary names. The gallery is a member of the Arts Council of England's Own Art scheme providing interest-free loans of up to 2000 to buy contemporary artwork.


Artists' Biographical Details


Simon Carruthers
Born in Hertfordshire and now based in London, Simon graduated from the University of Brighton in 2007 with a BA in Editorial Photography. In the same year he was selected for the This Working Life LCD/ Redeye Photography Award, and was later short listed for the Pavilion Commissions programme in 2008 and again for the BJP Project Assistance Award in 2009. Alongside staging exhibitions in London, Brighton and Liverpool, Simon’s work has featured in publications including The British Journal of Photography and CAN Magazine. His current project focusing on London’s canal system documents the legacy of neglect and the recent surge of redevelopment by exploring the surrounding landscape, architecture and infrastructure.


Richard Chivers
Richard Chivers is a contemporary landscape photographer based in Brighton. Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2006, Richard has been working on his own self initiated projects and commercial architectural assignments. He has received funding from the Arts Council England and the Geologists Association and exhibited his work across the South East of England and London. Richard has also been commissioned by the Photographers Gallery in London to teach key stage 3 children, to explore the environment through photography. 


Alex Currie
UK based contemporary photographer Alex Currie graduated with a Photography BA from Brighton University in 2007. His photographic practice is concerned with exploring often overlooked urban and industrial environments, places that impact heavily upon the individual subconscious. It is within this construct that a greater understanding of the human psyche is sought, and how the implications of the modern world reflect upon our everyday being. Alex has exhibited widely across the South East of England, and has also spent time on location in France and The Netherlands. Having produced many successful shows and been awarded funding from the Arts Council, he is currently producing solo work while also collectively producing and curating new works for the 2010 Brighton Photo Biennial Fringe.


Oliver Perrott
Oliver Perrott (born 1983, England) studied and gained a BA in Photography from Brighton University. Awarded Double Merit Winner at the Fujifilm Student Awards 2007, Oliver was also short listed for the Royal Photographic Society’s under 25s Gold Society Medal and Prize in 2008. Oliver’s work is concerned with the crossover between the natural and the man made, inspired by how we humans have shaped our world. The images being shown in The End are the beginnings of a larger piece of work concerned with looking at the memory that is imprinted on the Glacial Landscape. As the ice melts and glaciers recede new landscapes are being revealed – landscapes that hold an imprint of the past and leave behind scars that can tell us a story. Alongside shooting personal projects, Oliver shoots Architecture and Interiors for private and commercial clients throughout the UK.


Ben Westoby
Ben Westoby’s interest in the photographic image is concerned with the relationship between society and the environment we inhabit.  His most recent body of work, Elusive Place, looks at the expansion and movement of the urban periphery and the impact that this has on the landscape. This work aims to draw our attention to the traces that appear when these boundaries meet and the re-defined sense of place that occurs through this shift. Ben graduated in Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton in 2009 and is currently living and practicing in London.



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Simon Carruthers

Richard Chivers

Alex Currie

Oliver Perrott

Ben Westoby



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