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Night & Day

A Journey Through Trees

12 - 25 October 2009


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Jean-Luc Brouard


Scotts Pine 01 Copper Beech Cedar Of Lebanon Scotts Pine 02 Austrian Pine Whitebeam Pendiculate Oak
Scotts Pine 03 Dead Pine Service Tree of Fountainbleau Lime Copper Beech 02 Pendiculate Oak 02 Pendiculate Oak 03
Larch Sweet Chestnut  

Ben Gold


M27 M27 2 Untitled 1 Buxted Tomies Chanctonbury Ard na Sidh
Nantgaredig Chailey Untitled 2 Battersea 1 Battersea 2 Germany 1 Germany 2
Oxfordshire 1 Oxfordshire 2 Untitled 3 Untitled 4 Pale trees in snowy field Dancing  

Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to present Night & Day – A Journey Through Trees, a selection of work from two emerging photographers Jean-Luc Brouard and Ben Gold , which explores two very different approaches to the same subject - the tree.


Ben Gold aims to explore and nurture the spirit and importance of trees. Using his appreciation and understanding of the qualities of light, Ben creates ethereal images that compliment the beauty of the featured trees. Jean-Luc Brouard, whose work is shot in a nocturnal setting, forms the darker half of ‘Night & Day – A Journey Through Trees’, presenting the tree in a strange halfway stage between the natural and unnatural. The exhibition will run from 12th – 25th October 2009.


Jean-Luc Brouard – the project on trees emerged one night when Jean-Luc illuminated one, and inspired by the result, an idea was born….. He began seeking out interesting trees that he could photograph and soon found himself drawn to the man made environments of parklands or country estates. In these controlled areas where trees are often planted for their aesthetic or pictorial qualities, Jean-Luc used a combination of artificial and natural light to portray the tree in a similarly controlled manner.


The use of artificial lighting removes the tree from its context within the wider landscape and accentuates its individual characteristics and appearance, making the colours appear more vivid, the shape more defined. The scale of the tree can appear altered; sometimes its size seems diminished, as if it has been miniaturised to become a model or toy tree.


These trees, the ancestors of those we now see alongside motorways or protruding from the openings in the surface of a car park, have been altered by the process of lighting & photography. The trees are the real, yet slightly unnatural, features in an environment controlled by man, which due to the passage of time, we now perceive as being a totally natural landscape.


Ben Gold – On a nostalgic return to the trees of Battersea Park Ben took the two pictures that inspired the commencement of the “Journey Through Trees” project. The images in this series aim to explore and nurture the spirit and importance of trees, and provide the viewer with similar experiences of calm and tranquillity as those experienced by the photographer when taking the pictures.


The project is, in Ben’s words, an ideal escape from his fast paced life as a commercial photographer. His journey, although focussed on the UK, encompasses trees from a number of different countries including, Germany, Russia, Sweden and Lapland. “JourneyThrough Trees” is now available as a book.


Night & Day – A Journey Through Trees runs 12th – 25th October 2009. Crane Kalman Brighton is located at 38 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL. For any further information, please contact Richard Kalman on 07775 927143 or visit


Crane Kalman Brighton is a member of the Own Art scheme run by the Arts Council. The scheme provides interest-free loans of up to £2,000 to buy contemporary art work.


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