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New York, New York

Photographs by Ted Croner, Ernst Haas, Horst Hamann, Paul Flaggman, Christoph Morlinghaus, Abelardo Morell and George Tice

24 January to 19 March 2006


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Horst Hamann


Christoph Morlinghaus


Chrysler Building, Eagle, New York, 1996 Empire State Building, Broadway, 1994 Empire State Building, Park Avenue South, 1995 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1996 N.Y. Pepsi, 2003 N.Y. 2002


George Tice


Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey Charlie & Violet on their Houseboat, Jersey City Ferry Slip, Jersey City, New Jersey From the Chrysler Building, New York, 1978 George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee, New Jersey Hudson River Pier, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1979 Pacific Avenue, New Jersey, 1973




Paul Flaggman


Abelardo Morell


Sunrise, New York Untitled (Brooklyn Bridge) Untitled (Brown Stones, New York) Untitled (Flat Iron Building) Camera Obscura Image of Chrysler Building in Hotel, 1999


Ernst Haas


Eartha Kitt, New York, 1952 New York, 1962 New York Theatre District, 1951 The Kiss, Grand Central Station, New York, 1958 Men Sitting in Little Italy, New York, 1951 Central Park Reflection, New York, 1952 Sugar Ray Robinson vs Carmen Basilio, Bronx, 1957




Sugar Ray Robinson vs Carmen Basilio, Bronx, 1957 Reflection - Third Avenue, New York, 1952 Billboard Painter, Broadway, New York, 1952 Central Park Reflection, New York, 1952 Reflection - Third Avenue, New York, 1952


Blackstar Archive


Chester - Times Square, New York at Night, c.1940 P. Guggenheim, Times Square, New York, 1941 Blackstar 1 - Anonymous - Paramount Movie Theatre, Times Square, New York, 1940 Fritz Henle, Theatre Picket, Broadway, 1936


Simon Stock


Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 2000 Hot Dog Stand, New York, 2000 Taxi, New York, 2000 Tribeca, New York, 2000


New York is a truly iconic city, one of the few cities as easily recognisable to people whom have never been there as those who live there.


Its people, streets and buildings are forever imprinted on our collective consciousness through a thousand and one famous images from films, television, newspapers and magazines.


The exhibition 'New York, New York' features a range of work on this most photogenic of cities from anonymous newspaper photographers of the 1930s to contemporary work by artists such as Abelardo Morell and Horst Hamann.


The main photographer featured is Ernst Haas, one of the most celebrated and influential photographers of the last century. An Austrian who moved to the US in 1951, he worked mainly as a photojournalist for magazines such as LIFE, Vogue and Der Stern and was invited to become a member of the Magnum Agency.


He became well-known for his movie set photography documenting the making of such films as "The Third Man", "The Misfits" and "West Side Story", but it is for his images of New York that he is most celebrated, particularly a series of revolutionary colour images documenting the city. In 1953 LIFE Magazine dedicated two issues to the photographs and ten years later the Museum of Modern Art dedicated its first ever colour photography show to the work.


Other photographer's work featured in the exhibition includes: Ted Croner's images of New York at its dazzling night time best – a blur of chrome and lights and George Tice's beautifully composed views of New York from his native New Jersey.


Contemporary work includes images from Horst Hamann's Verticals of New York series, Paul Flaggman's images of New York at night from the City After Dark series, Abelardo Morell's highly acclaimed Camera Obsura images of New York viewed upside down and Christoph Morlinghaus' striking images of New York's monumental urban landscape.


'New York, New York' runs from 24 January to 19 March at Crane Kalman Brighton, 38 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton.


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