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The 10th Anniversary Collection

7th January – 15th February 2009


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The Clash – Lex Van Rossen Nirvana – Martyn Goodacre Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Matt Anker Syd Barrett – Mick Rock Sex Pistols – Ray Stevenson Paul Weller – Sheila Rock The Clash – Sheila Rock
Blondie – Sheila Rock Bruce Springsteen – Steve Rapport Peter Gabriel – Storm Thorgorsen Johnny Cash – Don Hunstein The Ramones – David Corio Run DMC – Janette Beckman Queen – Howard Barlow
Keith Moon – Johnny DM Led Zeppelin – Jorgen Angel Kate Bush – Gerard McNamara Bob Marley – Kate Simon Performance Boxset – Andrew MacClear Pink Floyd – Colin Prime The Who – Ray Stevenson
The Beatles – Terry Spencer The Police – Lawerence Impey Beck – Martyn Goodacre Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein Rufus Wainwright – Catherine McGann Radiohead – Kevin Westenberg xx
Jeff Buckley – Merri Cyr Afrika Bambatta – David Corio Eurythmics – Gered Mankowitz Frank Sinatra – Allan Ballard Jimi Hendrix – Ray Stevenson John Coltrane – Don Hunstein Miles Davies – Don Hunstein
Adam & the Ants – Allan Ballard Siouxsie & the Banhees – Shelia Rock Lou Reed – Mick Rock PJ Harvey – Ian Dickson Michael Stipe – Kevin Westenberg The Specials – Gerard McNamara David Bowie – Geoff MacCormack
David Bowie – Geoff MacCormack David Bowie – Geoff MacCormack The Stone Roses – Kevin Cummins Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein
Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein Bob Dylan – Don Hunstein


Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to announce a brand new selection of work from the Rockarchive music collective to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. As part of the Rockarchive World Tour the exhibition will be showing at Crane Kalman Brighton from 7th January – 15th February.


Having spent 30 years documenting decisive moments in rock music history, acclaimed photographer Jill Furmanovsky founded Rockarchive with the view to present the public with a true portrayal of life in the music business. Images document an intimate and unseen side to the public face of rock as the photographer and musicians became close friends. Jill's ambition was to share her private collection of work with the people who would really appreciate it most; the fans.


In 1998 Rockarchive gained immediate success when Jill chose to produce 30 classic images from her 30 year career as a rock photographer in limited editions of 30 exclusive darkroom images. Edition 30/30/30 was founded and Rockarchive was born.


A decade later and Rockarchive has become a powerful collective with more than 50 music photographers and over 500 images of unseen and unpublished moments in rock and roll history. The exhibition will include work by some of the biggest names in music photography, including Mick Rock, Storm Thorgerson, Lex Van Rossen, Sheila Rock, Kevin Cummins and Jill Furmanovsky herself. Rockarchive produce hand signed limited edition fine art prints from a host of the best music photographers in the world.


Rockarchive is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary and is exhibiting a world tour which kicked off in Dubai this Summer. To mark the occasion Rockarchive is showing in London, Brighton in the early new year followed by shows in Sydney, Tokyo, Geneva, Prague and ending in style in New York in Autumn '09.


This essential collection of rock images features an assortment of some the world's most famous rock and roll personalities and musicians such as – The Beatles, Lou Reed, The Sex Pistols, Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones – and will showcase world exclusive prints of David Bowie, Blondie and Adam Ant.


The collection of stylistic rock images show the vivacious spirit, glamour, fame and excesses that surrounded many of the legendary names in the music business during the classic eras of rock and roll.


Rockarchive – The 10th Anniversary Collection runs at Crane Kalman Brighton, 38 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL from 7th January – 15th February.


For more information, please contact Richard Kalman on 01273 697096 or


Download press release [PDF, 66KB]



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