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Scenes of Sussex: Where the Downs Meet the Sea

Photographs by Fay Godwin, Tim Hall, John Holloway, Linda McCartney & Bruce Rae

20 March to 1 May 2007

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Fay Godwin and Bruce Rae photographs are not available to view online.


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Linda McCartney


Fairlight Church, 1986 Two Romney Seep, 1987 Oak in Mist, 1985 Lone Horse Rider, 1985 Forest Moon, 1985 Mist in the Valley, 1984 Oast Landscape, 1986

John Holloway


Cold Coombes Field Snow with animal tracks, Cold Coombes Near Falmer 1 Sheepfold, near Lewes Snow, Seven Sisters I, 1991 Track with sheep, near Lewes Track with snow, near Lewes




Tim Hall


Cold Coombes Snow Snow, Seven Sisters II, 1991 Bognor I xx Camber II Camber V Camber VI

Crane Kalman Brighton is pleased to present Scenes of Sussex: Where the Downs Meet the Sea, a photographic exhibition looking at the changing face of the natural world of Sussex. The exhibition features a distinguished line-up of landscape and still life photographers, from the ethereal and intimate observations of Linda McCartney to the bold colour seascapes of Tim Hall and the socio-political landscapes of the late Fay Godwin.


The exhibition brings together for the first time some of the finest chroniclers of the local region in an arresting and beautiful show significant to the heritage of the surrounding Sussex coast and landscape.


Fay Godwin (1931-2005)

Fay Godwin is one of the most critically acclaimed British landscape photographers of her generation. She was a self-taught artist, who originally began to photograph her own children and later moved more exclusively into Landscape. Her skills were recognised early by the Arts Council, which presented her with an award in 1978, allowing her to continue working on her depictions of the British Isles. Much of this culminated in her renowned 'Land' series, which has toured internationally.


Godwin is admired for developing her work from a political standpoint, utilising it in order to illustrate restrictions forced upon the land and criticise the damage that is continuously caused. Some of her many notable achievements include being pronounced a fellow at the Museum of Photography, Film and Television and an Honorary Fellowship at the Royal Photographic Society.


Tim Hall

Hall has made a fluid shift in transferring his photographic interest from portraiture to focusing on the natural environment. His previous work took a more intimate view on human interaction with the landscape, including projects such as Hong Kong People (1997) and Hanoi People (1998). His work has changed in its desire to simplify this emotion and has taken on a more painterly quality. Strongly influenced by Rothko, Hall's images of the landscape present to the viewer vast, stretched horizons, filled with colour and atmosphere.


John Holloway

Originally trained as a painter, Holloway begun his photographic work in 1978 photographing the South Downs and has continued in this area for more than 25 years, studying time and change on the Sussex landscape. He works from a high vantage point, photographing from a light aircraft so as to view the ground in low relief. His interest lies in the traces of man's activities in the form of tracks and pathways, fences and furrows, as well as archaeological remains and the ancient Hill figures. His book Downlandscapes, consists of images of the landscape's form and texture which are best revealed in black and white.


Linda McCartney (1941-1998)

McCartney first worked as the house photographer for Fillmore East, New York City, later becoming the first staff photographer for Rolling Stone magazine in the 1960s. McCartney's keen eye for composition has produced some of the most iconic images of musicians from the 1960s.


She is renowned for her campaigning against environmental dangers and worked extensively for The Council for the Protection of Rural England and Friends of the Earth. Her work encompasses experimentations with a range of processes and subjects, significantly in images of her home in Sussex. She has exhibited in the Royal Photographic Society, Bath and the V&A and has four books published on her photography.


Bruce Rae

Rae trained as a photographer at the Birmingham College of Art before studying at the Royal College of Art in the early 1970s. Preferring to work with traditional procedures, including silver gelatine, the materials Rae carefully chooses are a considerable conceptual as well as aesthetic expression in the quality of his images. He is currently using practices originally developed by William Henry Fox Talbot and Sir John Herschel, known as salt printing. Exhibited in the Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, Karen Howes Gallery and Arden and Anstruther, he is also currently Head of Photography at the University of East London,


Scenes of Sussex: Where the Downs Meet the Sea provides a fascinating insight into the flora, fauna, land and seascapes of Sussex and how man's imprint on the land has made a lasting impression.


For any further information, please contact Richard Kalman at Crane Kalman Brighton on 01273 697096 or email



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