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Things We Love

Anonymous Charity Photography Exhibition

1 to 14 February 2007


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To celebrate photography, and Brighton's current position as a centre for photographic talent, the Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery will be launching a new exhibition modelled on the very successful annual Royal College of Art show – 'Secret'.


Invited photographers who are based, or make their living locally, will all contribute a work to the exhibition themed 'Things We Love'.


All work will be displayed anonymously and be available for sale at the same price (50 per print). Only after the sale of the photograph will the buyer discover whether they have purchased work by a very established name or an up-and-coming young talent.


A major partner and contributor to the exhibition will be the lecturers, graduates and students of the Editorial Photography course at the University of Brighton. One of the leading courses of its kind in the UK, the Editorial Photography programme is one of the major reasons behind the currently vibrant photography scene in Brighton.


The University boasts a number of high profile and distinguished photographers both as full-time and visiting lecturers including Judith Katz, Christopher Stewart, Jim Cooke, Javier Ribas, Denis Doran and Fergus Heron, and a long list of high calibre graduates who have gone on to carve out highly successful careers as professional artists and practising photographers, many of whom will be contributing works to the exhibition. Other contributors to the exhibition include Magnum photographer Mark Power, Polly Borland and this year's BP National Portrait Award winner Richard Boll.


Proceeds from the show will go to the University of Brighton Editorial Photography Department to help fund student travel to visit photographic exhibitions across the UK. The exhibition will launch on 1st February and run through to 14th February.


"There is a very exciting and vibrant culture here in Brighton with an enormous amount of interesting projects and events going on - the Biennale, the Photo Fringe, the collaboration between the MA course and Photoworks with the current contemporary photography talks programme, and events like this exhibition are a great way of bringing photography to a wider audience too." Judith Katz, Editorial Photography Course Leader, University of Brighton


"Photography is becoming a much more accepted and appreciated form of art in this country. This show is a great way to allow people to purchase and enjoy original works by both well known artists and graduates like myself, and raise money to support the next crop of young photographers at the same time. It's a new and exciting idea for Brighton which makes photographic art more accessible to everyone, as well as fun too!" Indre Serpytyte, BA (Hons) Graduate, University of Brighton, 2006


"Photography is really coming of age in the UK. More and more people are visiting photography exhibitions and collecting photography than ever before. Brighton has a burgeoning photography scene with a lot of photographers making their home here, a great course at Brighton University and now the Brighton Photo Biennial too. I think events like this show can only help people take interest and engage with photography." Polly Borland


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