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Travelling Still

Photographs by Rob Carter

8 May to 2 July 2006


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Travelling Still, Las Vegas, Loose and Slots, 2005 (Lightbox) Travelling Still, Las Vegas, Downtown, 2005 Travelling Still, Las Vegas, Peppermill, 2005 Travelling Still, Las Vegas, Downtown, II, 2005 Travelling Still, Las Vegas, Motel, 2005 Travelling Still, Hong Kong, II, 2006 Travelling Still, Tokyo, I, 2006
Travelling Still, Shanghai, I, 2006 Travelling Still, Sunset, Mauritius, XI, 2006 Travelling Still, Sunset, Mauritius, X, 2006 Travelling Still, Sunset, Mauritius, III, 2006 Travelling Still, Coral Reef, II, Barbados, 2005 Travelling Still, Bottom Bay, II, Barbados, 2005 Travelling Still, Botanic Gardens, Barbados, 2005
Travelling Still, Tulip Fields, Holland, II, 2004 Travelling Still, Tulip Fields, Holland, I, 2004 Travelling Still, Tulip Fields, Holland, IV, 2004 Travelling Still, Tulip Fields, Holland, XIII, 2004 Travelling Still, Mesali Island,II Travelling Still, Mesali Island, III, 2003 Downtown, 450° Las Vegas, 2005
Travelling Still, Fast Castle Head, 2003 Travelling Still, Brancaster, 2003 Travelling Still, Flamborough Head, 2003 Travelling Still, North Foreland, II, 2003 Travelling Still, Brighton Beach, 2006 Travelling Still, Fundu Lagoon, 2003


From 8th May, Crane Kalman Brighton, will be exhibiting Travelling Still, the solo work of photographer Rob Carter.


One half of the highly acclaimed husband and wife team, Rob and Nick Carter, the exhibition will be the first solo show of Rob Carter's work. Developed over the last four years, Travelling Still, features a collection of images which appear as if taken from a moving car.


Beautiful, unusual and, in many cases, almost completely abstract, the works range in subject from tulip fields in Holland to the neon landscape of night-time Tokyo; and from the luminescent seas of Fundo Lagoon in Zanzibar to the foreboding skies of North Foreland on England's East coast. All the works create the impression of movement, but are in fact the result of how the light is captured using long exposures at a single location.


The work has won two highly prestigious awards at The Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition in 2003 (Bronze Medal Winner - Brighton Beach, 2002) and again in 2005 (Silver Medal Winner - Sugar Beach, Barbados, 2005).


Rob Carter's work with his wife, Nick, has been described as "painting with light", a peculiar hybrid of photography and painting, that creates unique studies of light in motion. Together, they have exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and their work has been collected by the likes of Elton John, Simon Fuller, Matthew Williamson and Darren Star (creator of Sex and The City) as well as being held in many public and private collections.


"Travelling Still is a series of photographs I've been working on over the last 4 years. The subjects vary, from the bright lights of Las Vegas to tulip fields in Holland as well as seascapes from around the world. As the name suggests, Travelling Still is all about creating the feeling of movement in a still image.


For as long as I can remember I've been taking photos on the move. I love the painterly quality of light when colours run into each other on a photographic image. The randomness of taking long exposure photographs means you're never quite sure how they are going to come out which makes collecting the processed film very exciting."


Rob Carter, 2005



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