A keen surfer and accidental environmentalist, Andy Hughes’ series Dominant Wave Theory draws attention to the unseen objects, the flotsam and jetsam of our throwaway consumer society discarded across some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, ironically in his pictures, the beach trash he captures become aesthetic objects of beauty in their own right.

Andy Hughes studied Fine Art at Cardiff University and a photography MA at the Royal collage of Art. He has been awarded various commissions and residencies including the Millennium Fund, South West Arts. Hughes was the very first artist in residence at Tate St Ives. He has also been awarded numerous prizes and awards which include Short listed Reserve Artist/Art Council Fellowship 2007 to Antarctica, Millennium Commission 2000, St Ives International Festival of Light Project, Southern Arts Major Award, Winner of ELLE Magazine Talent Award, and the Winner of Sunday Times Magazine Photography Award. Since 2008, Hughes has exhibited internationally, from Cornwall to Tokyo, London to New York, including participating in an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, USA, in 2009.

Zonation is a project that began in the summer of 2009, and, developing from his previous close-up works, in these new photographs Hughes peers down from the cliff edge, the 6 x 7 frame recording the activity of both tide and human interaction. The anonymous figures of surfers, walkers and the array of paraphernalia they leave behind are recorded and explored. The series is developing simultaneously with Hughe’s Surf-grom project, a portrait series of young surfers – clad in neoprene, emblazoned with logos and graphic symbols, Hughes’ subjects seem both vulnerable and confident.